Top 10 Gifts For Her

Top 10 Gifts for her

Finding the perfect gift for a woman can be tricky. In addition to your budget and her taste, you also have to consider the occasion, as well as how long you have known this particular woman. A birthday gift should feel personal, while an anniversary gift should be a bit lavish. Gifts for female friends or co-workers can be lower in price, and a bit less personalized. Some women love jewelry, while other ladies are foodies who would much rather have a home-cooked meal than a gold necklace. There are gals who love the latest gadgets, and others who prefer knitting or handicrafts. With so many variables in play, finding that perfect gift can take a lot of time. To help you narrow your search, we’ve curated a list of the very best gifts for women. Our list includes jewelry, perfume, books, music, watches, movies, home goods, and more. We’ve even thrown in some truly unique items that will be perfect gifts for women who have everything.

Here is our ultimate guide to 10 of the best gifts for women of all ages. Whether you’re looking for a small token of your appreciation for an employee, a thoughtful gift for your mom, or a luxurious gift for a major anniversary, one of these unique gifts will suit her perfectly. Gifts on our list start around $50, but we’ve also included some truly premium gifts for impressing the woman you really care about.

Shopping for a woman that’s tricky to buy for? You may also want to check out our guide to the best gifts for men, which actually has lots of cool gift ideas that women will also appreciate if  you need a romantic gift for girlfriend why not customize your gift with Give Lovely.

1. Alex and Ani ‘Spiritual Armor’ Endless Knot Wire Bangle

Top 10 Gifts for her

2. Myo Gesture Control Armband

Myo Gesture Control Armband

Shopping for a gal who loves gadgets? This futuristic gift is perfect for the woman who wants to be on the bleeding edge of cool.

The Myo band is a unique tech accessory she can use on the job, or just for her own personal amusement at home. The band picks up on the electrical activity of your muscles and the motion of your arm, and interprets that information to control devices wirelessly. You can use the Myo band with desktop computers and mobile devices. There are over 100 ways to use the armband, including controlling music, playing video games, or switching between slides in a business presentation. Other applications include home automation, controlling drones, or playing computer games in virtual reality.

Want to make sure this wristband will work with her existing devices? Here’s a list of compatible operating systems and devices that play nice with Myo:

• Computers running Windows 7 and up
• Computers running OS X 10.9 and up
• iPad 3rd and 4th generation, iPad Air, iPad Air 2, iPhone 4s, 5, 5c, 5s, 6, 6 Plus, iPod Touch, 5th generation, iPad Mini 1st and 2nd generation, and iPad Mini 3
• Android 4.3 (Jelly Bean) devices and up (The device must support Bluetooth 4.0 LE)

3. Nano Jewelry Zodiac Necklace

Nano Jewelry Zodiac Necklace

4. Wonder Woman Character Apron

Wonder Woman Character Apron

This is the perfect gift for a woman who loves comic books, baking, or both. When she wears this apron, she’ll look just like Wonder Woman.

5. Michelle Phan Makeup Palette

Michelle Phan Makeup Palette

6. Juicy Couture Women’s ‘Jetsetter’ Watch


Juicy Couture Women’s ‘Jetsetter’ Watch

7. Pebble Time Round 14mm Smartwatch for Apple/Android Devices

Pebble Time Round 14mm Smartwatch for Apple/Android Devices

8. Benchmark Bouquets Star fighter Stargazer Lily Bouquet

Benchmark Bouquets Star fighter Stargazer Lily Bouquet

9. Bin 8 Multi Kitchen Tool

Bin 8 Multi Kitchen Tool

10. Gracie China by Coastline

Gracie China by Coastline

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